Youth services

Skateboarders Feet Close UpWe’re working with young people around Central Queensland to help you grow into the strong, confident citizens of tomorrow.

We work with people from 12 to 18. Our services target young people who are:

  • Disconnecting from family, community or support networks
  • Disengaging from school, training or employment
  • At risk of harm, including self-harm
  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness

We provide early intervention for young people at risk to prevent harm, homelessness and negative health outcomes, and keep you an engaged and actively contributing member of your community.

Our youth support services work towards helping you:

  • Have positive relationships with family and community
  • Engage in education, training or employment
  • Lead a healthy, violence free life
  • Have a safe and stable place to live

Our Youth Workers have a broad knowledge of other services and resources available in our communities so that we can offer collaborative approaches that are responsive to young people’s needs.

To find out more about our youth services or get involved, contact your nearest AnglicareCQ office:

Barcaldine: 4651 2161
Biloela: 4992 2421
Blackwater: 4982 6535
Emerald: 4982 4062
Moura: 4997 3473
Or you can contact us online

How we do it

We provide three main kinds of services through Youth Support:

Access services help you get the information you need to work through your particular situation. It means providing resources, and putting you in touch with specialist services if you need them. We can help you explore your education and training options, and look after your mental and physical health. We can also give you tools to deal with issues like drug and alcohol use and domestic violence.

Support services provide one on one support, working with you to identify your goals and make plans to reach them. We can help you develop life skills and coping mechanisms, and learn the skills you’ll need as an adult and a parent. We are here to support, listen and help you every step of the way.

If you have a lot going on, our integrated response services provide case management to help you keep it all together. We can also make sure the different services and agencies you work with are all co-operating and know what’s going on.

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