Community Housing

Community housing provides affordable housing for people on low incomes, and people whose needs are not met through other housing options.

AnglicareCQ provides a range of community housing options in communities around Central Queensland, from houses to units and furnished studio apartments.

How to apply

To be considered for community housing you need to register with the Department of Housing and Public Works, and be added to the Department’s register of need. Eligibility takes into account not just your financial status but also other factors that affect your need for housing, such as disability or illness.

To check whether you’re eligible for community housing and start your application visit the Queensland Government’s Public and Community Housing information.

Housing allocation takes into account your eligibility and the availability of a suitable property in your area. First priority goes to those on the register in most urgent need of housing.

Your rent in community housing

In community housing, your rent is determined by Department of Housing and Public Works policy. It is generally calculated as a proportion of your assessable income, plus any rent assistance received.

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