Thank you to all the staff and participants who participated in this year’s NAIDOC events and who especially helped out at the Touch Football game and the NAIDOC expo. 

Congratulations to our NAIDOC Week working group led by Jolene for all of your hard work in ensuring the Week was a success.

Although you can never predict the amount and type of enquiries we receive, I think there can be no value placed on AnglicareCQ having a strong and respectful presence during NAIDOC.

It’s a time as an organisation that we help recognise the valuable contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make to our country.  Supporting our local communities during NAIDOC week by attending and participating  in community events helps us on a professional and personal level to build valuable relationships with our indigenous brothers and sisters.

A highlight of the event was during the touch football games, where we first hand witnessed a young person in residential care come out of his shell and truly excel at the game. Watching him start off quite shy and reserved and then gain confidence and strength in in skills as the day went on was truly incredible. This is why we do what we do as an organisation – to watch our participants grow within their own empowerment.

Planning will be underway again soon for 2018. We hope that we will continue our NAIDOC working group and develop some great ideas on how to make next year even better. If you have any ideas, feedback or suggestions, please email



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