What choice means for you

Our philosophy at Anglicare Central Queensland is based around choice, control and flexibility.

Recent research has shown that excessive choice can cause burden and may actually reduce NDIS participants experience of choice and control.

Have you ever looked for a movie to watch only to end up choosing nothing at all? Too many choices can overwhelm us and cause us to not choose at all.

As a result, more often than not, we resort to tradition. We do what we have always done because it is safer and easier.

72 per cent of NDIS funds includes assistance with daily living, assistance with social and  community participation, consumables and transport. Participants will receive a lump sum for core supports, leaving you to decide not just who should deliver these supports, but how often, for how long, on which days, at what price and which staffing ratios. All while ensuring that all of these choices over the year add up to no more than the funding you have been allocated.

Cue an endless number of support combinations. Cue the choice paralysis. Cue droves of previously enthusiastic participants putting “choice and control” in the too-hard basket and simply choosing to keep their support arrangements as is.

People with disability, advocates, carers and families have worked so hard for so long to make individualised funding a reality. The challenge now is to make sure we continue to break down the barriers that inhibit choice and control and ensure that participants and families can really make the most of the opportunities the NDIS presents.

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‘Analysis Paralysis: When NDIS Choice Becomes a Burden’. Evie Naufal, Disability Consultant

Anglicare Central Queensland is here to make it easier for NDIS participants and ensure that we work with you to make the best possible choices. We want to help you navigate your decisions and create a clear path that results in the absolute BEST outcome for YOU.

We will be holding ‘Your Voice’ sessions in the near future so that we can build our service around your needs and choices. Contact our team on 1300 769 814 or email ndis@anglicarecq.org.au for more information.

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