CONNECT – Five minutes with Dallas

Dallas is a gentle, quiet soul – and he’s come a long way since he started working with AnglicareCQ. Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Dallas has found the courage to live independently and achieve goals while making a life for himself in Rockhampton.

What was your life like before you worked with AnglicareCQ?

I spend a while living on the streets and was in trouble with the cops.

You’ve achieved quite a few goals – tell us about those!

My carers at AnglicareCQ have helped me to get better at cooking healthy food for myself. I’ve also saved up and bought a Pioneer stereo on layby, as well as a vacuum cleaner and a nice TV. I’m doing a bit of painting too, mostly dot art. AnglicareCQ helped me to go buy the supplies from the art shop.

How did it make you feel, being able to be independent?

Someone from AnglicareCQ helps me to do my shopping – before, all I would eat for breakfast, lunch and tea was bananas, because I didn’t know what to buy or how to cook it.

I’ve learned how to cook a barbeque, and now when we go on a group excursion I can cook for everyone. It makes me feel proud when I can do that, because I used to cook a barbeque with my mum and dad.

Tell us about some of the programs you’ve been a part of…

I’ve been a part of group excursions, where we go to the Mount Morgan Dam or down to the beach. My carer used to take me swimming, and I like to do a bit of fishing off the bridge. We’ve done a bake-off and a drumming workshop, where we got to make plenty of noise! Getting to go our and about makes me happy.

What’s your next adventure?

Heading to the Sunshine Coast on the tilt train, thanks to the help of carers who have assisted me with booking train tickets. I’m going for three months to see all my family – my mum’s not well now but I am looking forward to seeing my family, my siblings and my niece. I hope they will be proud of how well I am doing.

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