CONNECT – Anglicare Central Queensland Catalogue of Supports

Family photo, including a man with disability

Support Categories and Service

A. Assistance with daily life and access

Cleaning your house for you, or cleaning your house together. Assisting you in what you need to do day-to-day to live independently (like preparing meals, showering and dressing; not including medical activities).
Sleeping over or staying with you overnight to help out as needed.

B. Assistance with social and community participation

Going out together to participate in the community, like going to watch sports or going to the movies or the theatre.
Doing group activities in the community or at a specific place.
Going on trips together, maybe even a holiday.

C. Transport to access daily activities

Travelling to get to where you do the things in your Plan, and other things you need to do, like going to the doctor or to visit with friends and family.

D. Coordination of supports

Helping you to obtain the supports and specialist assistance you need to achieve your goals (within and outside your NDIS Plan).
Teaching you to do this for yourself.

E. Improved living arrangements

Assisting you in being happy and safe in your home, or transitioning to live somewhere else.

F. Improved daily living skills

Learning to make good decisions, make plans and plan how you will use your money.
How to get to and from important places, and learning to cook, clean, pay bills, and other useful tasks.
Talking to someone who can help you to understand your feelings and emotions, to address trauma, and to manage your emotions and actions. Doing this by yourself or in a group.

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