Participant Profile – Christine’s story

Five minutes with Christine

Tell us about how you came to be working with Anglicare Central Queensland?

I’ve been working with Anglicare Central Queensland for about two years now. I’ve got two boys, Russell and Mark – Russell lives down in Gladstone but Mark lives in Melbourne. Since I’m here by myself, Anglicare Central Queensland have been assisting me, with the support of both Russell and Mark.

What are some goal’s you have achieved?

Visiting my grandkids in Gladstone – that was a big goal for me. My grandkids are eight and five, and Russell took me down to see them last month.

Anglicare Central Queensland has also helped me with getting out to do my shopping – sometimes my anxiety goes through the roof and I just can’t manage this on my own. The first time they took me shopping I cried, because it was the first time I had managed to go shopping in a long time. We had a cup of tea afterwards and it was just so nice – they were so kind.

There has been practical help too, as well as emotional support…

Anglicare Central Queensland has helped to make my house better. I’ve had rails put in my bathroom, with an occupational therapist coming to do an assessment and get me a new bath stool. Practical things like that do make my life easier.

What’s a situation you’ve been able to overcome?

I need glasses and I also need to go and see the dentist about my teeth – but some days I just can’t do those things by myself. Anglicare Central Queensland helps me to find the motivation to go and get to these appointments, making sure I look after my health properly.

Ellen (my carer) is always patient with me – one minute I’m nice and the next minute I say the worst things and people leave, but Ellen always has patience with me.


Anglicare Central Queensland is registered to become an NDIS provider. We’ll be drawing on our long track record of providing flexible services tailored to the individual needs of every person we work with. Everything we do revolves around your choice, your values and your priorities.

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