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Change is often one of the most inevitable challenges we all experience, made even more difficult when that change is unexpected (as the all blacks experienced recently at the hands of the Wallaby’s in Brisbane :-)) and brings with it a degree of uncertainty about the future.

As carers there would no doubt be many situations in which you have experienced significant changes with little or no warning and as a result you may have developed a degree of resiliency and understanding to handle and expect the unexpected.

Change impacts every facet of human life, with companies and organisations not immune.

To that end as most of you would be aware by now the Gladstone FKIC program has seen recent changes primarily in relation to staffing comings and goings.

Although this has seen a change in terms of staff the overall  program itself remains the same and committed to providing the highest level of support to all carers in the Gladstone region. From my experience all agencies will experience such sudden changes from time to time, however as with such changes also allows an opportunity for growth and development.

To that end I’m proud to announce new staff members Rebecca Daetz as Coordinator and Linda McHale as Kinship Placement Support Worker. Both of which have significant experience not only in the field of child protection but particularly supporting foster carers and are local to the Gladstone region.

I’d also like to acknowledged the achievements and hard work of existing team members RTA Jenny Hansen, PSW Morgan Johnson, PSW Patria Dalzel and PSW Hannah Gould and the support they provide and the commitment to the Gladstone community, and of course would like to acknowledge all the support and care you all provide to those most vulnerable in the community.


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