The Buzz – NDIS Basecamp

People supporting people on their journey

Recently, a number of staff and leaders in the new Lifestyle Support program area participated in the NDIS Basecamp training session. The training was a journey of discovery, learning and sharing.

The participants worked in teams with a range of NDIS knowledge and skills, and a range of roles in the upcoming NDIS. They researched, discussed, and practiced activities relevant to the delivery of services under the NDIS, leveraging their diverse knowledge and capabilities.

The people who participated are Traci Kittle, Maureen Mattson, Sharyn Manitzky, Lori Simkins, Deb Vonhoff, Suzie Christensen, Louise Willersdorf, Marie Austin, Chinkie Van Rensburg, Elissa Murphy and  our new Lifestyle Support Manager, Janelle Coe.


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