The Buzz – Grasping Opportunity

Barcaldine Youth Service has moved to the requirements of it community, resulting in the development of a support service that has a primary objective of training and employment engagement and opportunities for youth.

One such youth who was exposed to training opportunities was Timothy*. Timothy’s home is Alpurrurulam (Lake Nash) and at the time resided at the Barcaldine Alice River Aboriginal Student Hostel attending Barcaldine state school year 12. Timothy worked hard and was well liked at school however was not sure of options for post high school training or employment.

Through the Anglicare Youth service Timothy achieved a scholarship to attend a TASTE experience at the Longreach Pastoral College where he trialled what is on offer. Timothy was very impressed and had a great week at the college, a memory that stayed with him.

Later in the year, prior to graduation Timothy was asked what he had planned after school, to which he replied, he did not know. I asked him to think about attending the college fulltime and I would check back in when he had made a decision. Timothy thought through the option and agreed to work towards enrolment in the Northern Beef Industries Course the college deliver every year. Again we went to work to secure him a placement and establish appropriate funding sources to enable this opportunity. Timothy was lucky enough to achieve a substantial scholarship through Primary Industries which assisted and through working with other stakeholders, funding was secured as well as travel arrangement for him to maintain contact with family.

I recall being with Timothy and his mother on initiation day of the course, all anxiously hoping he would settle in well….

And that he did, since initiating the course I have received countless positive appraisals of how Timothy has grown as a young man and exponentially increased his skill sets and employability, going from strength to strength. Timothy still attends the college and has already received job offerings from different agricultural companies.

I also recall, recently whilst working the bar at the local rugby league game, Timothy approached and initiated conversation and proceeded to tell me about his achievements at the college, displaying social skills he did not possess six months prior. This was an impressive moment and verified for me, Timothy’s growth.

Timothy now has choices; these choices are a result of education/training engagement, facilitated through all important youth case management services and stakeholder contacts. Anglicare youth services have since stepped back from Timothy as I have confidence in his new found capacity for achievement. On wards and upwards Timothy!

*name changed to protect privacy

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